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You learn online with the same highly trained teachers as you do with face-to-face private lessons. Teachers on the internet, sometimes have little to no experience teaching Japanese. However, all our teachers that provide online lessons are carefully selected and rigorously trained to give you a better learning experience.

As our Japanese instructors team is international you can learn virtually anytime. Online lessons can be delivered at all times because our team of Japanese instructors spans across multiple Time Zones. Some students with busy schedules and no time to travel to our office also benefit from this option. Our aim is to offer full flexibility on time with the same high quality teachers as private lessons.

Learn from anywhere. Whether you are travelling, live far away from our office or are too busy to travel to lessons you can take advantage of our online lessons. This option of online lessons also makes it possible for students from all around the world to take part in SakuraJapan courses. We are passionate about spreading Japanese learning around the world and our online lessons help us make this possible. 

No limits on time

Let’s start learning Japanese with us today!

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All lessons are tailored to your needs!

-Our professional teachers will make your own course plan for your particular level, to your learning style, and for your needs.

-You will get homework and detailed note after every lesson. 

-Try your first trial lesson at a discounted price.

First Trial





A trial to see if you match with your teacher

Option to have a second trial lesson with another teacher that matches your style more

First lesson at a discounted price

Booking 5 Lessons




Suitable for students who prefer shorter courses

Short course so no long-term commitment

Book your first course for as little as $200 for 5 lessons

Booking 10 Lessons




Suitable for students who want a mid-term course

Enjoy an almost 15% discount 

Opportunity to learn 100 new words

Booking 15 Lessons




Suitable for students who need a long-term course

Enjoy an almost 30% discount

Opportunity to learn 150-200 new words


SakuraJapan is a Japanese language school focusing on providing engaging, interactive and tailored language courses. We include elements of Japanese culture and etiquette to provide our students with a comprehensive learning experience of Japanese. We are part of Academia One Limited which is based at, and is supported by UCL Innovation and Entreprise.

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