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The difference between 他方/たほう/Taho, 一方/いっぽう/Ippo and 片方/かたほう/Kataho

The word “他方/たほう/Taho”, “一方/いっぽう/Ippo” and “片方/かたほう/Kataho” have similar meanings and it is often confusing to know which one to use. Here is an easy-to-understand explanation of the difference between the three with example sentences. If you are confused about which word is the correct one to use, refer to this page to find out.

The word “他方/たほう/Taho”, “一方/いっぽう/Ippo” and “片方/かたほう/Kataho” have in common that they all mean one of two. Although their original meanings are slightly different, they tend to be used interchangeably.


他方/たほう/Taho: The other of two things

It is used to contrast an object with another object mentioned beforehand. It can be used in the same way as the conjunction "but" to connect to a story from another direction.

These usages are used in books, articles, and other written materials, as well as in business situations. Although it is a bit too formal way of talking to use in daily life, it still can be used. However, you need to keep in your mind that you need to mention the object you want to compare before you use this word. The synonym of this word is 反面/はんめん/Hanmen which means the opposite or another side of the story.




Ippo wa tatakai, taho wa kakureta

One is fighting, the other is hiding.



Teishoku wa itsumo ippo ga washoku de taho ga yoshoku da

One of set meal is always JApanese and the other one is always Western

一方/いっぽう/Ippo: One of two things

It can mean one direction or directionality, or it can mean one state of being. It can also function as a conjunctive particle, such as "on the other hand," or "on a different subject”.

一方(Ippo) can be read as “Hitokata” which means one person rather than one thing or one status and has a different meaning than 一方(Ippo). In general, it is rarely read as “hitokata” and is mostly read as “ippo”. The antonym of the 一方(Ippo) is 双方/そうほう/Soho which means both of the things. Synonyms for 一方(Ippo) include 正常/せいじょう/seijo which means normal, and 尋常(jinjo) meaning that there is nothing special about.




Lockdown no seide taiju ga fueru ippo da

I gained weight because of the lockdown