1. Our private lesson length is either 45 or 90 minutes. It is possible to have other combinations of total lesson time such as 60 minutes or 135 minutes. Our students generally report 90-minute lessons being more optimal for learning compared to a 45-minute lesson as the material they learn can be more limited with a 45-minute lesson. It is possible to also take breaks for longer sessions, which we also recommend.


2. If you want to reschedule lessons, we need to receive 24 hours notice to inform your teacher on time. When the notice for cancellation is less than 24 hours, there is a full lesson fee charge as it does not give the teacher sufficient time to adjust their teaching schedule.


3. Once a booking is confirmed for a course, there is no refund available for an early cancellation before all lessons are complete. The exception to this is if SakuraJapan was responsible for making an administrative mistake that led to the early cancellation of a course.


4. You need to finish your booked lesson package by a certain length of time.

(48 lessons package: 58 weeks

24 lessons package: 28 weeks

12 lessons package: 14 weeks

6 lessons package: 7 weeks

1 lesson: 2 weeks)

There is no minimum time that you must spend on lessons. For example, 12 lessons can be taught in a short period of time such as 1 month. 

5. We need to make a payment for a lesson you have booked at least two days before your booking. 

6. You can reschedule a lesson if you give us 24 hours before notice but each lesson can be rescheduled only once.


1. Once a course you have booked starts, you will not be able to get a refund for an early cancellation before all lessons are complete. Cancellation refunds are made only if you cancel a course 7 days before it starts. This also applies to trial classes for group courses. The exception to this is in cases when SakuraJapan has made an administrative mistake which has led to the early cancellation of a course.

2. A course booking is confirmed when the payment is processed.

3. Each course needs at least 3 attendees. If not enough attendees have signed up 2 days before the course should start, that course will be canceled and SakuraJapan will issue a full refund of the course fees.
4.  You need to make a payment for any lesson you have booked at least two days before the course starts. 


5. If you miss a class, we can organise a 15-minute revision class for £10, however, this class will only be provided once.



SakuraJapan is not held responsible for any potential conflicts or harassment between the attendees and loss caused by unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, sudden illness, and accidents.