Our Conversation Class Service

Test your Japanese in real conversations

Learning Japanese in our courses provide you with the knowledge to speak Japanese. However, practising in conversations can be a difficult at first. Our conversation classes allow you to practise your language skills in a supportive and understanding environment where you can make mistakes. These classes also help increase your confidence to speak Japanese outside the classroom. 

Learn Natural  Expressions

Our conversation classes allow you to learn expressions and words that native Japanese speakers are likely to use in particular situations. Knowing the correct expression to use depends largely on context. Conversation classes are based on certain situations and topics helping you to learn when it is appropriate to use certain expressions. 

Instant & Detailed Feedback

It can be difficult to expect feedback from Japanese speakers when using the language with them in normal conversations. This means you might be making repeated mistakes and these mistakes are not being corrected. Conversation classes are a special way to improve your language as you receive instant feedback from your teacher whenever you make a mistake. These explanations are detailed so that you have a good understanding of how to make your conversation natural. 

Our fantastic Japanese conversation class attendees did a superb job talking about their reasons for learning the language! This is the video at our conversation class! Our attendees not only learned many new phrases, vocabulary and grammar points but also did so in an active, fun and engaging manner! Learning was maximised as there was a mix of practice and immediate feedback both from the other students and the teacher who ensured all language usage was correct. Well done and keep going!

Monthly Japanese Conversation Class


Cafe in Royal National Hotel  (51 Bedford Way London WC1H 0DG)​

90 mins


In this class, you will...

-learn natural Japanese expression

-meet people who are studying Japanese

-get quick feedback you make a mistake by a native teacher

-Time 18:30-20:00

-Fee £15 


SakuraJapan is a Japanese language school focusing on providing engaging, interactive and tailored language courses. We include elements of Japanese culture and etiquette to provide our students with a comprehensive learning experience of Japanese. We are part of Academia One Limited which is based at, and is supported by UCL Innovation and Entreprise.

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