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Our Cultural Events



Cultural Activities

Culture is an important part of learning and understanding a language. Our cultural activities allow you to experience different aspects of both traditional and modern Japanese culture. Examples of our events include hanami ("watching of the Cherry Blossoms"), wearing Japanese yukatas, and celebrating Japanese New Year with traditional activities . Our events are regular and varied allowing you to experience a different aspect of Japanese culture during each event.  


Meet Japanese Friends

It can be difficult to find situations to practise the Japanese language that you have learned. Our events attract a wide range of attendees including guests interested in Japanese culture and also Japanese guests that want to share their culture with individuals that are interested. Many attendees have previously found new friends from our events who are both Japanese or who have a genuine interest in Japanese language or culture. The social element of our activities makes our events more fun, engaging and enjoyable. 


Deepen your knowledge of Japan

We provide educational experiences of Japanese culture but also of Japanese history, etiquette and art. We have previously hosted events focusing on the ancient Japanese historic capital called Nara, on the varieties and types of Japanese teas, as well as a visit and tour to the Japanese Manga Exhibition at the British Museum. We believe that learning and deepening your understanding of Japan can help you connect more to Japanese people and it can widen your appreciation of the country and its language.   


Online Learning.

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SakuraJapan Japanese Cultural Experience


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