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Our Group Courses Service


Social Learning

Research shows that learning with peers can help to improve memory for language. This is because it allows you to learn in a social, active, engaging, contextual and student-lead way for deeper mastery of the Japanese language. 

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Activities and Games

We make learning Japanese interesting, engaging and fun. Activities and games are used to make learning almost effortless. The experience of solving problems through games helps to increase your motivation which can help you to recall your newly learned Japanese knowledge. 

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Peer Motivation

Learning with peers that may soon become friends. Friends can help you stay motivated by progressing together and can encourage you when you face stumbling blocks. Research indicates that going through challenging language learning experiences with peers can motivate you to persist than and succeed until the end of the course. 


Basic traveling Japanese Course for beginners

February 2021


March 2021


12hours (2hours×6lessons)

In this course, you will learn...

-All Hiragana (Basic Japanese script)

-How to ask where is something

-How to take trains in Japan

-How to buy and order at shops or restaurants and so on.

-Time 13:00-15:00 (GMT)

-Fee £180 (You can take the first lesson as a trial for £30 for 2 hours)

Girl with Leather Backpack

Comprehenshive Japanese Course for New Learners

February 2021


April 2021


16hours (2hours×8lessons)


In this course, you will learn...

-Read all Hiragana (Basic Japanese script)

-Talk about your daily routine 

-Introduce yourself

-Ask some simple questions (e.g., what, when, who and how questions) 

-Time 18:30-20:30

-Fee £240 (You can take the first lesson as a trial for £30 for 2 hours)

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